Project Description

Campus Mangtaa is a complete Campus Management System, fully integrated, efficient, ERP solution which enhances and supports your campus to deliver global standards and manages all complex task of campus automation. Campus Mangtaa is completely user friendly and has a comprehensive interface for easy navigation and takes the campus management to the next generation level. In today’s Hi Tech-world, it is essential to every campus or institute to acclimatize most recent technology. Now a day’s administration & management of campus, particularly educational institutions, has become a monotonous and multifaceted job. It requires cautious planning, organized approach and accurate control of administrative processes to attract the best students, produce best results and project the best image. Campus Mangtaa is an elegant, suspiciously crafted and constructed campus management system to accomplish your requirements. Campus Mangtaa is fully integrated, efficient, software assists you in organizing the day-to-day activities of the campus. Campus Mangtaa helps to maintain a paper free administration and includes various administrative, students, staff, examination, hostel, transport, fee and accounting management modules and many more modules that enable a unique and comprehensive campus management. The system generates various reports based on each module. These reports can be customized according to the user needs. The administrator can set the user rights for each user according to the user role. The users can access only areas that are privileged to them.

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